There are a lot of factors to consider when having your card graded by a professional. Utilize the charts below to estimate your costs, and get in touch with us if you have any questions. 

Pricing Hero-Fixed

Graded Slabs

This is our primary service!
Custom labels are $5 more per card.

Turnaround Time* 30 Days 15 Days 5 Days
Price Per Card (1-20)$20$30$40
Bulk (21-50)$18$28$38
Bulk (51+)$16$25$35

*Turnaround in business days

Non-Graded Slabs

Only need the protection of the plastic slab?
Custom labels are $5 more per card. 

Turnaround Time* 30 Days
Price Per Card$11

*Turnaround in business days

Shipping Cost

United States
$20 per order (6 slabs & greater)
$15 per order (5 slabs or less)

$40 per order (USPS)

$50 per order (1-25 slabs)
$75 per order (26-75 slabs)
$100 per order (76+ slabs)

Insurance Cost

$1 per $100 of the declared value
(Example: $1,000 of total slabs ordered would be 1000/100 = $10)

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