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Getting your trading cards graded is the easiest way to protect them for the long-haul, certify their condition, preserve your investment and increase their value.


TCGC is a third-party grading and authentication company for trading cards with an emphasis on sports cards, from old to new. We provide collectors and dealers with the highest quality slab service in the industry! Give us a try, we are sure you won’t be disappointed!


We're your go-to for grading.

  • 1. Dedication to Timeliness

    Finally, a company who isn’t backlogged but promises to have your card delivered on time with no errors!

  • 2. Heavy Hitter Quality

    Our crystal-clear encapsulation cases, using the ultra sonic weld seal process, with the most attractive labels, are sure to satisfy.

  • 3. Overall Consistency

    We bring over 35 years of experience assuring delivery of consistent and accurate grades each and every time.

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Give your investment today.

  • Verify Authenticity

  • Certify Condition

  • Preserve Your Investment


Our service is unparalleled. Here's 8 reasons why...

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High Grading Standards

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Tamper-Proof Protection

TCGC stickers

Holographic Seal

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Fast Processing & Shipping

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High-Quality Cases and Welding

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Custom Labels

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Industry Connections

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5-Star Customer Support

The wait is over! Get your today.

Simply scour the internet for a great label background — or better yet create your design from scratch and drag ‘n’ drop it into our “Upload Custom Label” portal. We’ll handle the rest from here. Now you know exactly what you’re getting!

Put me in coach, I’m ready to grade!

Our expert graders have extensive experience grading standard size (2.5” x 3.5”) trading cards of all types including baseball, football, basketball, boxing, Golf, MMA and even Pokémon cards.